We partner with our clients to ensure the success of the client’s objectives. We assist in the evaluation of client claims and provide strategic advice, but we never seek to direct the course of the litigation.

In our legal-services finance activities, we work with counsel to understand their business goals and financial need and seek to tailor our solutions to the client’s preferences.

We invest at any point in the litigation process. We commit as little as $200,000 in a single engagement.

Our business principles:

  • Accessible, Toronto-based principals and decision-makers

  • Client-centred business model

  • Minimal bureaucracy to facilitate rapid response

  • Streamlined underwriting and monitoring process

  • Tailored financing terms and structures

  • Long-term relationships with referring counsel

Our ethical principles:

  • Put our clients’ interests first

  • Protect confidentiality

  • Preserve solicitor-client privilege

  • Encourage claimants to seek independent legal advice regarding our investment

  • Respect counsel’s duty to the client

  • Ensure fairness of investment terms